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Become a Partner

  • XPONENTIAL wants to attract start-ups to keep pace with innovation and future developments of the industry.

  • For smart innovators, XPONENTIAL is the ideal forum to be granted exposure to leaders, investors and enablers of the industry.

  • XPO+ Launcher bundles all start-up activities and gives start-ups a chance to expose their solutions.

  • XPO+ Launcher at XPONENTIAL events will manifest in

    • dedicated lounges and side events to mingle and network

    • dedicated conferences for start-ups, accelerators, VCs and tech experts

    • dedicated awards and demo pitches of the latest in autonomous tech.

  • XPO+ Launcher is a global platform for scouting and screening start-ups in the autonomy continuum, paving the way for innovators to become a member of the XPONENTIAL ecosystem.

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